What we do

Our core focus is designing and developing unique web based applications from simpler brochure websites through webshops and interactive portals to complex CRM, ERP and workflow management systems. We develop everything from scratch and do not use open source, free, downloadable, rigid template systems and other low quality software components and CMS’s. This means that we only deliver what our Clients need, which enables us to be cost-effective. Unique developments contain no unneeded functional surpluses.

Clients who choose to work with us can get a complex service package that besides the designing and developing of the required web application is actually an extensive package that ranges from domain name registration, webhosting, SEO, the planning and execution of online marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, writing headlines, body copy and designing other graphical elements such as logos, Facebook cover images, flyers, posters, etc.


Icon of web applications and software developmentUnique web-based application development ranges from websites, e-commerce solutions through social media applications, online campaign support to basically any kind of applications running on the web. We design and build transaction processing systems (TPS), executive information systems (EIS) and decision support systems (DSS). We primarily use platform and device independent techniques to produce highly flexible and seamlessly compatible solutions to follow trends and maximize productivity.

All our web-based applications even the simplest brochure websites are built up from uniquely planned and developed modules according to the needs of the Client. We highly recommend unique software development that is made exclusively and customized exactly to the needs of the Client. A unique development compared to boxed software may require more efforts and resources to start but when it runs it is more user friendly, better featured and also further extendable.

The key benefits of having uniquely tailored software concern functionality, user friendliness, efficiency and ease of use.


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We create every graphical element of the applications on our own from hand drawn sketches through wireframes to final design according to the Clients’ needs and requirements following the latest ergonomical and graphic design trends. Our graphic design services range from designing websites, software user interfaces through logos, symbols, mascots, stationaries to brochures, flyers, posters, citylights, billboards.

Through our creative planning services we help to build up the creative concept—the core idea—of projects such as a Facebook application, an online promotional microsite or a more complex social media or online marketing campaign, around which the whole communication should be built from graphics to copy and actions. This serves as a guideline and when planned and used properly the message is clear-cut for the target audience. 


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Businesses small or large are constantly seeking attention in the online jungle of social media and marketing. We offer our Clients a helping hand in this ever changing field by planning a reliable content marketing strategy to achieve brand awareness, consumer engagement, targeted website traffic, good reputation, lead generation, new customer acquisition, and increas in sales. We help to design and implement the content marketing plan and strategy, to decide which social networks to choose, to find the voice of the product or organization, search and write content, plan and design games and apps and measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

In so many cases a project that starts with a website goes far beyond that. A website is an ever changing and developing child that needs constant attention to become and stay a reliable medium of communication and connection to the customers of any businesses. But even a regularly updated website remains an uninhabited island when it is not promoted at all or properly. We not just build the websites but also offer a complex online communication package to help our Clients' online presence.


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We offer hosting services for the websites and applications we build. So our Clients can run their websites, webshops or other applications easily. Our servers have the required security certificates and we are constantly maintaining them in order to keep the most up-to-date environment for the smooth operation of all our developments. We are keen to host only a limited number of applications on our servers in order to avoid overloaded mass hosting that leads to slow operation and difficulties in maintenance. Webstorage can be rented on a monthly or a yearly basis.