TalentBase - Recruitment Workflow & Decision Support System


TalentBAse - Recruitment Workflow and Decision Support System


TalentBase is our web based platform independent application, which we developed to manage complex recruitment and selection workflows. The software is rich in functions that go beyond the standard corporate HR methods and help to turn the acquired data to useful and valuable information for everyone involved in the recruitment process: HR managers, candidates, headhunters and executives.


TalentBase guides the work of the HR department into manageable workflows; it makes the searches transparent and the performance measurable. The notification and task manager system coupled with the sophisticated candidate history feature strengthens the easy use of keeping track of recruitment projects, candidates, notifications, appointments and upcoming events. The system supports effectively the course of decision-making by processing the structurally collected data and provides prompt and up-to-date executive information. With vast range of customization and corporate image compliance options, TalentBase can be the number one tool for employer branding.


The flexible structure of the software enables its integration into enterprise environments as it flawlessly cooperates with existing ERP systems and blends into your IT infrastructure.



TalentBAse - Recruitment Workflow and Decision Support System



With TalentBase you can:

  • operate a cost-effective and customized corporate career portal integrated in your company’s website
  • handle multiple recruitment projects running parallel
  • track open positions
  • communicate frequently with the candidates by automated messages
  • query prompt and up-to-date executive information
  • quickly pre-filter and evaluate candidates and
  • generate reports and statistics to support decision-making
  • monitor the costs of the recruitment projects
  • save money with the name check function for headhunters


TalentBase is not simply a database. It is a complex and overall workflow management and decision support tool that is typically effective for

  • such companies where recruitment and selection are everyday activities,
  • those who have to handle a large amount of candidates regularly or
  • those who want to enlarge their workforce significantly.


Check all the advantages and benefits TalentBase can bring to your company too! Read about all the interesting features on our website for TalentBase.