About Chili

We are a challenge seeking group of creatives ready to make our Clients’ wildest digital ideas come true. We combine technology and creativity to deliver attractive, usable and high-tech solutions anywhere in the world.

Our slogan is “Balance between logic and emotions”, which means that a web application or software should always look great and at the same time be usable to the greatest extent. In the end it should be a pleasant experience and fun to search on the website or work with the software we created.

Our aim is to design and build tools that users love to work with.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create such software and digital solutions that are uniquely designed and tailor-made to the needs and requirements of our clients by keeping the balance between usable structure and attractive design to help build, strengthen and enhance their brands, or ease their business workflows.


We are a responsible company, therefore we think giving a helping hand to those who need it is very important. Money often doesn't necessarily mean help, this is why we decided to give something else. Therefore we created our Charity Projects. In these special projects we design our Partners their brand identities, websites, logos, banners or social media pages and online campaigns.

Our very first Charity Project is still running and it is going as far as Uganda in Africa. In the capital city of Lira a team of diverse professionals formed Noah Community Health Center a fully registered community based organization to fight against health related problems in the community with the main focus on primary healthcare and economic empowerment of the people living there. The community cannot afford the high costs of health services provided far away from their homes so through Noah they try to give the people the necessary healthcare and other related services for free. When we met the representative of Noah we immediately offered our help and services. In this program we are working on the corporate identity, the stationery and the website. We hope that this will help Noah to make their dream come true!

The logo of Noah Community Health Uganda


Check out on the projects page what we have done so far for Noah.