QUIZ: Guess the logo - can you identify these brands?


What's your logo knowledge like? See if you can identify these well-known logos from a sneak peek.

To test your knowledge on the world of branding, we've taken 10 logo designs and challenge you to guess which company they belong to. But there's a catch. To make things a little more difficult we've hidden the majority of the designs. Take the quiz, test your memory, and let's see just how well you know your logos!





How did you get on? Check your scores.

  • 100% – Logo genius. Check. You. Out. Now go tell all your friends!
  • 76-99% – Brand brainiac. You certainly know your brands. Top work!
  • 51-75% – Getting there. But we know you can do better - give it another go.
  • 26-50% – Not bad. But not great either. Have another try.
  • 0-25% – Not interested in logos?!

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