Pályázz & Vállalkozz! campaign

Brand identity design, website development

Client: Terra Mentor Consulting Ltd
Url: http//:palyazzesvallalkozz.hu
Tasks: development | graphic design | copy writing | webstorage


Brand identity design:
  • our task was to design the identity of the 'Pályázz & vállalkozz!' (Apply & Become An Entrepreneur!) campaign from the accompanying website through flyers and posters to Facebook appearance including the tone of voice of the communication
  • the aim of the campaign was to make it attractive for the younger generations to start their own companies with the help of a European Union fund
  • we named the project and wrote the tagline together with the copy of the flyers, posters and some parts of the website text too


Website design & development:
  • uniquely designed and developed microsite to present the most important pieces of information of the campaign
  • easy-to-use contact form
  • lead rotator box, which showed all the characters presented on the flyers, posters and on the Facebook