Heves County Waterworks

Event software development, local broadcasting, mascot design

Client: Heves County Waterworks Plc
Tasks: development | communication | graphic design


Event software development:
  • made for a professional competition to keep track of scores and split times
  • information system that shows real time data on LCD and beamer displays
  • on-site server and client infrastructure for the off-line system
  • the whole system can be controlled from a mobile device (like a tablet or smartphone) to enable the moderator of the competition switch between screens while the show is running
  • back-office system for data registration and extraction
Local broadcasting:
  • build up a local infrastructure for broadcasting outside the arena with 3 cameras
  • set up a tablet for the moderator to control the displays


Mascot design:
  • the mascot represents a mechanic of the waterworks and a pipe cleaning element (which is frequently used by the waterworks) at the same time
  • the mascot is holding a valve, which is the symbol of the Client