Recruitment Workflow and Decision Support System

Product: TalentBase - Recruitment Workflow and Decision Support System
Url: http://talentbase.hu
Tasks: logo design | website design | development | flyer design


About TalentBase

TalentBase is our web based platform independent application, which we developed to manage complex recruitment and selection workflows. You can read more about the software here.
In this section we talk about the website, the logo and the flyer design.

Website Design and Development
  • fully responsive website built on Bootstrap 3.0
  • users can get in touch with us or can request a free demo by filling out and sending back the contact form


Logo Design
  • The symbol in the logo consists of 3 rings. The green ring stands for the software itself being the platform that connects the job seeker candidates (smaller blue ring) with the corporations looking for new talents (bigger blue ring).
  • Dark blue: elegant and serious like a suite on a business executive
  • Light green: lighter and more delightful, gives some playfullness to the logo together with the lower letter case. These reflect the easy daily work with TalentBase.
Flyer Design
  • We are still working on the flyer. Please, come back later.