Grape Solutions

MediVir Software logo design

Client: Grape Solutions Plc
Tasks: graphic design | logo design


Logo design:
  • design the logo of the Client's product, MediVir Software for hospitals
  • to indicate visually the close connection between the Client and its product we used the colors and the shapes of the Grape Solutions logo
  • the acronyms in the logo are separated by the use of different colors and a capital letter
  • the light green of the 'medi'-part refers at the same time to the calming green color used in hospitals and to the green grape in the Client's logo being one of the many products developed by Grape Solutions
  • the 'vir'-part got the color black for contrast and stands for the seriousness of executive information systems (VIR is a Hungarian acronym for EIS)
  • the form of the letter 'i' in the logo symbolizes the nurses and doctors of the hospital, who use the software
  • as the logo was designed for a software we decided to design a corresponding icon for further applications