Belvárosi Körömszalon

Website design & development, logo & stationary design

Client: Belvárosi Körömszalon (nail salon)
Tasks: development | graphic design | webstorage | copy writing


Website design & development:
  • website with uniquely designed and developed desktop version
  • content can be flexibly managed from an administration site
Logo design:
  • the symbol stands for "BK" the initials of the name of the salon and secretly representing the nickname of the owner of the salon
  • the font used for the logotype is a serif font to give a little bit of high-class salon feeling
  • the logo can be used with white on black background or the other way round


Salon identity:
  • white walls with large black cut out logo on the wall
  • large visuals same as used on the website for wall decoration, posters and flyers
  • t-shirt and towels