Website redesign & development, logo redesign

Client: Budaguide-Travel
Tasks: development | graphic design


Website redesign & development:
  • fully responsive uniquely designed and developed website
  • the website was totally restructured to create a user- and SEO-friendly website and to give the user a system where they get a proper overview of the large amount of offers and other contents
  • new and refreshed colors and round edged shapes are used to emphasize the young spirit of the Client
  • content can be flexibly managed from an administration site
  • showcase rotator for highlighted offers and own advertisements
  • actual events recommendations
  • citybreak recommendations in four different categories


Logo redesign:
  • the colors were refreshed to be more lively and fresh 
  • new fonts were introduced to give a better organized appearance
  • the white background when used, for example, on the website or on other colorful backgrounds represents the white textile seat covers on buses