Corporate identity redesign & website development

Client: Molteam Ltd
Tasks: development | graphic design


Website redesign & development:
  • uniquely designed and developed website
  • content can be flexibly managed from an administration site
  • floating side bar that follows the scrolling of the user and automatically highlights the submenu point when reached within the subpage
  • easy-to-use contact form
  • uniquely developed price calculator with route planner based on Google Maps. The price calculator is using a complex algorythm to calculate the price of a trip and an optional number of intermediate waypoints can be added or deleted easily to a particular route during the planning process
Logo design:
  • the logo with the bus in motion represents dynamism
  • the colors are blue and gold, blue emphasises the reliable and trustworthy company while gold is used to add a pinch of exlusiveness and luxury that characterises the high quality of the Client's services and buses