Corporate identity redesign, website development

Tasks: development | graphic design | webstorage


Website redesign & development:
  • website with uniquely designed and developed desktop and mobile versions
  • content can be flexibly managed from an administration site
  • simple navigation within a complicated multilayered menu structure with a fun dashboard and submenu system
  • floating side bar that follows the scrolling of the user and automatically highlights the submenu point when reached within the subpage
  • easy-to-use contact form
  • simple search tool that searches within the contents of the website
  • uniquely developed advanced search application that helps the user find the most suitable pipe rehabilitation technology in a fun and easy way after feeding the application with the relevant technical data of the problematic pipe line
  • mobile version is still under development
Logo design:
  • the two curly lines represent a pipe renovated by a No-Dig pipe rehabilitation technology: a liner within the host pipe (green pipe: host pipe, blue pipe: liner)
  • the colors of the logo are blue and green, where blue stands for water and gas - the two main business fields of the client - and green is used for the environment
  • the round edged logotype is used to resemble pipes