QUIZ: What Colour Best Describes Your Personality?


We know, deep down, you'd really like to know your perfect shade of red, purple, or blue, perhaps? Here's your chance to find out...





  • Red 032 C – Check. You. Out. Confident and strong, you match this warm, passionate and sexy shade of red perfectly.
  • Blue 286 C – Calm and wise (well, mostly). Some people are more productive and focused surrounded by the colour blue. And you, dear friend, are one of them.
  • Orange 021 C – There's nothing calm about this colour - or you, for that matter. Vibrant, energetic and playful, like this gorgeous shade of orange, you always make your mark.
  • Purple 266 C – Oozing with sophistication, you excel at problem solving and strive for absolute perfection.
  • Pink 806 C – Genuine, considerate and smooth, you're so full of charm you could sweet-talk clients into anything.
  • Yellow 108 U – Intelligent, highly communicative and logical, you have no problem expressing your ideas.