6 Web Design Trends You Want To Forget


This infographic charts some of the web's most iconic moments – which one would you rather forget?

Web design has come a long way in past decade or two. Since it first landed on our screens, websites have gone from the ghastly to the great, with some nostalgic references still making their way into web design today.

"Remember what websites looked like in the '90s? If you're thinking Comic Sans, Scrolling Marquees, Hit Counters, and Animated GIFs, you're on the right track!" explains WhoIsHostingThis' Kate Miller. "Thankfully a lot has changed since then, but there are some design elements that have lingered through the years, whether they've inspired new trends or trends that are hot on the comeback trail."

Featuring everything from Comic Sans, frames, Google and animated GIFs, this inforgraphic from Who Is Hosting This is a blast from the past that you may not necessarily welcome. Let us know your favourite thing about the '90s internet!